Designing an assistive color code for the visually impaired with Braille touch

Designing an assistive color code for the visually impaired with Braille touch. Kupas Seni, 10 (2): 4. pp. 30-38. ISSN 2289-4640 (2022)


The basis of this project is to create a color code using Braille touch specially designed with complete details to be placed on the garment. This study aims to analyze how clothes and Braille affect each other in providing information in the design, how to coordinate clothes according to color by color code, and to overcome the challenges of wearing clothes amongst visually impaired people. This project is to contribute and achieve SDGs 9 and 11 which are related to Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Sustainable Cities and Communities. Braille becomes a major element in designing color code by entering the details required to convey information. It also plays a role in terms of color identifications to visually impaired people using a braille touch that has been designed with various shapes to represent each color code. This information must be on the garment to satisfy the requirements of the visually impaired community. Incorporating fashion elements and components on a color code that focuses on braille touches is a special solution for this visually impaired people. Many struggles the unseemly faced, difficulties include daily clothing identification and clothing choices made without assistance. This color code is focused on functionality and practicality. It is a very practical approach in helping them to dress and to live independently in the future. Raising the awareness of society, upgrading individual thinking, and creating innovative designs for emulated by future generations, and also to make Malaysia a country that helps achieve the goals of SDGs over period and time.

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