The optimum replacement of fine recycled concrete aggregate on the compressive and splitting tensile strength of the concrete

The optimum replacement of fine recycled concrete aggregate on the compressive and splitting tensile strength of the concrete. The International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 12 (9). pp. 18-26. ISSN 2229-838X (2020)


The increasing demandof new construction, the more amount of natural materials was used. This is because, quick populace development and urbanization dramatically affect the expanded interest for development of construction market. Due to this case, many countries were forcedto rearrange, renovate and also demolished old building to design a new concept of building that covered more occupants in building than old building concept. There was a high mindfulness on the need to give elective utilization to reused materials, particularly in the development of construction field.This resulted in the idea of making use of fine recycled concrete aggregate (FRCA) in the concrete as fine aggregate replacement. It had been proved that with the right percentage of FRCA replacement can produce a concrete which performed better than the normal concrete. Most of the previous studies agreed that the replacement should took place within the range of 10% -30% to make the concrete work optimally. However, within that range, the best optimal replacement shows on the 20% as there is no decreases in concrete strength. It was also found that the density of FRCA concrete was lower than the normal concrete due to the porosity properties of FRCA resulted to the high-water absorption rate. The physical properties of FRCA somehow tends to effecting the concrete performance positively and also negatively, that is why it is vital to get a better understanding about the recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) so that it could be used and provide a clear relevant fact for the industries to start review the existing regulation and consider the use of RCA in the concrete making.

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