Stress-strain relationship of fibre reinforced concrete exposed under elevated temperatures

Stress-strain relationship of fibre reinforced concrete exposed under elevated temperatures. Malaysian Journal of CivilEngineering, 29 (2). pp. 232-240. ISSN 1823-7843 (2017)


A research had been done to study the stress-strain relationship of fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) exposed under elevated temperature. The FRC used were single fibre concrete and hybrid fibre concrete which is combination of two different properties of fibres i.e. steel (SF) and polypropylene (PPF) by applying fibres volume fraction at1.5%. At the same time, the fibres proportion of steel-to-polypropylene ranged in the following percentages:(100-0), (75-25), (50-50), (25-75) and (0-100). Cylinder samples of 150mm diameter 300mm high were used and subjected to a compressive load to determine the relationship. All samples were casted and then water cured for 28 days before exposing them to the desired temperature i.e. 200 ˚C, 400 ˚C, 600 ˚C and 800 ˚C for 1hour. For the control specimens, the cylinders were left at room temperature (27˚C) until the test day. Before placing the cylinders into the compression testing machine, they were left to cool naturally. All test results were tabulated and the stress-strain relationships were compared between the variations of the elevated exposure temperature. The findings show that the addition of fibres only improve the Elastic Modulus of concrete at room temperatures (27 ˚C), but when exposed under elevated temperatures, the Elastic Modulus decreased especially above 400˚. High temperatures caused spalling effect on the specimens especially when exposed above than 400˚C.

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