Structural analysis of hybrid VTOL configuration

Structural analysis of hybrid VTOL configuration. Journal of Transport System Engineering, 7 (2). pp. 44-52. ISSN 2289–9790 (2020)


Maximizing flying qualities of a UAV is not a new topic in the aeronautical branch. Therefore, there is a significant amount of growing interest shown by researchers to integrate the flying mechanism of both conventional fixed wing UAV and rotorcraft UAV and thus, results in the birth of hybrid VTOL UAV. This paper investigates the difference in wing deflection of a hybrid VTOL UAV, a quadrotor fixed-wing with two independent propulsion systems and a conventional fixed wing. Quantitative method is chosen throughout this study where data collected are mainly from experiments and literature study. Firstly, the general wing specification is determined. To achieve this, a design analysis is conducted based on theoretical calculation and data from previous researches. The most suitable wing is found to be a straight wing with 0.3m chord length and 2m wingspan. Following that, a structural analysis is done to compare the difference in wing deflection for both mentioned UAV. After fabricating the model wing spar, anexperimental set up for vibration test to determine wing deflection of a quadrotor fixed-wing is being prepared and ran. At the same time, wing deflection of a fixed wing UAV is calculated by using beam deflection equation. The maximum deflection obtainedis 0.0865385m and 0.0002516m respectively. The result shows that maximum deflection at wing tip for hybrid VTOL is higher than a conventional fixed wing. Factors that contributed to this finding were the concentrated upward lift force and also fluctuated force coming from vibration of the motor driven propeller.

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Keywords: VTOL, Hybrid UAV, Quadrotor, Fixed wing, Vibration
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