Design and analysis performance of fixed wing VTOL UAV

Design and analysis performance of fixed wing VTOL UAV. Journal of Transport System Engineering, 5 (1). pp. 17-25. ISSN 2289–9790 (2018)


Mainly there is two type of UAV, multirotor and fixed wing and each of this type have their own advantages. This study presents a conceptual design of fixed wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV based on ready-to-fly (RTF) fixed wing UAV. This mean the UAV has ability not only to take-off, landing or hover as multirotor aircraft but also able to cruise similar to the fixed wing UAV. To achieve this, the placement of motors and other equipment are in such way that the center of gravity does not change from the original UAV to retain its original stability. Addition new equipment on UAV will increase the wing loading. Hence, this study involve analysis of thrust performance of UAV during both mode, multirotor and fixed wing. Thrust required for both mode, are compared with the thrust available produce by the motors obtained by doing the thrust test. Based on the analysis, the capability of UAV to fulfil the mission requirement is determined.

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Keywords: Multirotor, Fixed wing, VTOL, Thrust Performance
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