The Users Perceptions and Opportunities in Malaysia in Introducing RFID System for Halal Food Tracking

The Users Perceptions and Opportunities in Malaysia in Introducing RFID System for Halal Food Tracking. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on INFORMATION SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS, 5 (5). pp. 843-852. ISSN 1790-0832 (2008)


The lack of information presented on the food packaging of specific food product usually lead to confusion,
thus redundant unsold goods are stacked-up in the shopping market. Barcode, labels and ingredients information by far
is not adequate to authenticate the validity of the food information claimed by the manufacturer or food producer. This long-established approach fails to inform the users and no longer fitting in this cyber world. Much work has been carried out to find the best solution to ensure information presented on the food packaging is true yet legitimate. In similar cases by big food store, shows the agility of RFID has assist them to better track their food status. By taking this example, we have carried out some studies to better understand the capability of RFID in tracking Halal status in Malaysia food market. This study is aimed to understand the Malaysian users’ perception on implementing a real-time tool in order to feed users with genuine and validated information in the user-buying process. Furthermore, by conducting this study, researcher can better understand and identify the market opportunities to deploy such technology to the Malaysia users. A quantitative approach was chosen to gather data from the users around Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A survey form consisting of 32 questions were distributed to 50 to 60 identified users, where respondents were selected varies from Halal and non-Halal users. Graphs and tables are presented to depict the findings of users’ perception on the RFID tag for Halal Tracking in Malaysia. The results show 48% of the users agreed that a real-time system is required for the information dissemination. However, sadly only 34% knows what RFID is and what RFID can do in developing a real-time system for Halal tracking. Approximately 98% of the respondent agrees that a new tracking system is required for information traceability. This result shows clear opportunity to introduce new tools, nevertheless solid awareness activities are required to ensure the success of the new system.

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