Augmented reality (AR) for British pillboxes as a medium of education in heritage conservation in Kelantan

Augmented reality (AR) for British pillboxes as a medium of education in heritage conservation in Kelantan. International Journal of Creative Future and Heritage (TENIAT), 10 (2). pp. 13-23. ISSN 2289-4527 (2022)


Augmented Reality (AR) is used within 4IR and applied to various fields, including education, tourism, business, services, and communications. In education, AR is applied as a pedagogical medium for heritage conservation by recreating physical monuments in a virtual environment. AR is used to preserve British pillboxes. This research focuses on two locations in the State of Kelantan, namely Kampung Ger with coordinates 6 ° 00 ́00.4 ° N 102 ° 22 ́55.2 ° E and Kampung Tok Burung located at coordinates 6 ° 04 ́33.7 ° N 102 ° 23 ́45.5 ° E. Augmented Reality (AR) in teaching and learning improves delivering methods of lecturers to gain students interest in learning. AR in conservation courses may increase understanding of the artefacts in more detail and help view the exact form of the objects and monuments. The use of AR as a method was explored to facilitate learning about conservation and improve teaching methods to engage students in British pillboxes. The virtual experiences of the material, construction, fitting, and many more have assisted students in deciding the right choice of element, dimension, structure, and measurement to understand the fundamental conservation knowledge. Students were given group tasks to create a 3D model of the simple fitting appliances of British Pillbox structures. The pillboxes are produced virtual using a marker in the form of an image of the pillbox. Users only needed to scan the picture due to the Covid-19 pandemic to access information about the British pillboxes. Students are prohibited from visiting historical sites. This research suggests that using AR can allow conservation courses to proceed. The study also found that students preferred to use AR during their learning. In the future, this approach will be effective in conservation education

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