Plants in landscape design as a catalyst for Malay cultural heritage

Plants in landscape design as a catalyst for Malay cultural heritage. In: IFLA Asia Pacific Congress 2014, 25-30 April 2014, Pullman, Kuching Sarawak. (2014)


The uniqueness of the landscape characteristics of the Malay community residence at present is due to demographic factors, cultural and development of an area. A comparison
between soft landscape elements recorded in the old manuscripts of the Malay community and the current cultural landscape scenarios were made. The main manuscripts in this research are as Sulalatus al-Salatin (Malay Annals), Bustan al-Salatin (The Garden of Kings), Hikayat Hang
Tuah, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Hikayat Inderaputera, Hikayat Abdullah and also the book title Warisan Perubatan Melayu (Traditional Malay Medicine). The purpose of this study is to recognize some key issues in the design of residential landscape of the Malay community at present, especially something that involves the soft landscape elements. The objectives of this study were to describe the relationship between changes in the characteristics and structure of the population, with the development that has occurred in the history of the Malay community in Malaysia as well as to make out the list of plants mentioned in the old manuscripts of the Malay community and lastly to classify the list of plants that are growing in the traditional Malay residential yard in Malaysia. The method of this study is through the listing of the information
obtained from primary and secondary data on soft landscaping elements. Primary data were obtained from site visits to the areas of traditional Malay residential in Peninsular Malaysia to find out their methods of greening their residence yard. Secondary data were found from old
manuscripts of the Malay community. Discussion will focus on the understanding how the Malay community presently planning and implementing their plans or strategies of applying the cultural landscape as stated in the old manuscript sources. It is to recognize elements of soft landscaping in the courtyard of the Malay community residential, which is still preserved from the point of their identity and culture. The findings of this study have shown that the Malay community has a long history in residential.

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