The interaction of culture in shaping the traditional landscape of Johor’s Malay landscape

The interaction of culture in shaping the traditional landscape of Johor’s Malay landscape. In: IFLA Asia Pacific Congress 2014, 25-30 April 2014, Pullman, Kuching Sarawak. (2014)


Human and environment are affected and effected to one another. Human tends to adapt or alter their landscape based on their cultural and beliefs. In some cases, a phenomenon
landscape characters are resulting from a harmonious mutual interaction of human activities and the environment and recognized to be part of an outstanding heritage. Hence, this paper aims to examine and assess the roles of the cultural aspect that characterizing the identity of
spaces in Malay traditional landscape, specifically in the state of Johor. The multi sub ethnic of Malay such as Malay of Riau, Buginese, Banjarese and Javanese that co-exist together resulting a melting pot of distinctive Malay landscape in Johor that stands as part of the heritage. In this paper, the designated of case study method is supported by literature studies, site inventory and site observation that investigate the main physical and social attributes of the spaces in Malay traditional landscape comprising four different Malay sub ethnicity. In addition, it is supported by several interviews to identify the essence of Johor Malay landscape. Despite being categorized as a Malay entity, most of the traditional Malay landscape in Johor manages to reflect the unique features of each sub-ethnic. Indeed, the selection of planting species and arrangement of the survival traditional landscape is heavily embedded with the heritage of the sub- ethnics and detected to have a strong connection of Johor’s history. In addition, there is a
mutual interaction between the spaces in the traditional landscape and daily activities of the people. In sum, the traditional Malay landscape of Johor encompassed cultural and heritage values of the people which is reflecting the richness chronology of early Johor history.

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