Embracing cyberculture on graphic design

Embracing cyberculture on graphic design. Malaysian Journal of Creative Media, Design and Technology, 1-6 (4): 5. ISSN 2637-0557 (2017)


This paper is about exploring the concept of Cyberculture on graphic design. Today, people from the different background of age and culture are engaged in using personal computers, smartphones, and even digital cameras. They are known as the active media users. They are the new inventors of graphic design, digital images, animation and films in cyberspace. This study uses a thematic lens to describe writings on popular Cyberculture. The interesting part of this section is the construction of cyberpunk and cyborg that engaged in many popular Cyberculture writings. Two lenses derived from
popular Cyberculture were assessed; one is cyberpunk and two is the cyborg. These two lenses are the foundation for reviewing Cyberculture on graphic design and a reflection of graphic design involvement with the computer and the Internet are discussed. The finding on graphic design in the lens of Cyberpunk seen in design illustration of favourite comic characters. Where, active media users may transform the iconic characters into cyberpunk that portray dark colours with streaks of
neon colours and lighting. While from the lens cyborg, a graphic design series can be seen in the conceptual digital art by fans illustrations that revolve around popular movies and TV series. When graphic design took notice of the cyberspace, it increased the popularity for active media users to implement a graphic design into their personal artwork. The significance of this paper is apparent that the internet is a global mass communication and had made graphic design plagiarism informal and confusing. This paper is merely an introduction to popular Cyberculture writing and its influences on graphic design. As expected the effect of Cyberculture on graphic design is far from being categorised into Cyberculture Studies; let alone being part of a Critical Cyberculture. New studies may embark on a critical Cyberculture, which involves politics, law, education, health, economy, trade, and art.

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