Symmetry analysis of Malay art design in ethnomathematics perspectives

Symmetry analysis of Malay art design in ethnomathematics perspectives. Journal of Science and Mathematics Letters, 7. pp. 72-84. ISSN 2462-2052 (2019)


This paperwork aims to examine the meaning allude to Malay art concept through mathematical aspects
and thinking. It can be seen on carvings, weaving, painting, architecture and textile. Pattern and motifs in
Malay art works are rich with mathematical values which can be seen on any geometric designs. This is a
qualitative research that analyses symmetry. Art designs was analysed in formalistic context in order to
explain symmetry concepts that exist in ethnomathematics. Written and visualised data are gathered and
collected via documentation, recording and observation. The findings of this study showed that the interrelationships between art and mathematic cannot be denied through the beauty of art works as well as its
beauty in mathematical aspects. The implication of this research is to view and see art not only from the
angle of arts appreciation, but can be expanded to various philosophical perspectives especially in
mathematical aspects

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