Draping technique: heavy weight material (DENIM) use in wedding dress design

Draping technique: heavy weight material (DENIM) use in wedding dress design. Kupas Seni : Jurnal Seni dan Pendidikan Seni, 4. pp. 68-78. ISSN 2280-4640 (2016)


This study analyses the different design in wedding dresses, by approaching qualitatively, with an intention of identifying the designing process of creating these dressesconventionally. Through this study, the draping technique has been instil in the creation of Malaysian wedding dresses by using denim as the fabric. Study results revealed that wedding dresses designed by different fashion designers throughout Malaysia varies from one another. In fact, the flat pattern technique has been seen to be implemented more as compared to the draping technique. Moreover, the heavy weight material fabric (denim) was seen to be implemented far less in Malaysia for the sole reason of creating wedding dresses as compared to silk, songket, satin, georgette and chiffon. The results from this study also reveals that the design of traditional Malay wedding dresses that were still been worn until today has been redesigned from the original design.

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