Industry 4.0: SMEs are the vanguards in catalysing change

Industry 4.0: SMEs are the vanguards in catalysing change. Insight. pp. 33-34. (Unpublished) (2017)


The Fourth Industrial Revolution will take the emphasis away from demographic quantity to demographic quality.” This extremely insightful statement in itself is a thought-starter for us to begin looking at the Malaysian landscape, the present state of our industry, the key influences, our technology roadmap and of course, the ‘quality’ of not just demographics, but every aspect of our business and commerce. There are conflicting ideas on whether employment will see a decline with the emergence of Industry 4.0, and if developing economies, in particular, will see Industry 4.0 disrupt structures of labour market. Low-skilled and mid-skilled jobs may become vul-nerable due to mechanisation of processes, systems and even people-oriented work. It is only natural for the industry and especially SMEs to fear from what may come with the advent of Industry 4.0.

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