Selera Malaysia Enterprise: lunch box in vending machine

Selera Malaysia Enterprise: lunch box in vending machine. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Back then, whenever people wish to eat especially during lunch time, they must go through so much hassle work in order to even get to the restaurants or even a convenience store. This situation is much worse for people who live in urban area like in Kuala Lumpur are. The business of the street drags their precious lunch break’s time and sometimes they even don’t have enough time to go down their office department to go eat outside. Thus, they will just buy the food at convenience store along the way when the commute to work. But what if they can buy a homemade local Malaysian cuisine at the place they usually stop to commute to places? This trend was proven by looking at Japanese, they have the highest ratio of vending machines to landmass in the entire world, this means that they have huge number of vending machines to compare with its whole landmass. As the number of tourists in Japan rising each year, they currently have around 5.52 million vending machines. Thus, since vending machine are now a key part of the country’s retail infrastructure, people are adapted not only by seeing them, but also using them as well. However, we want to change the perspective in Malaysia where vending machine are only seen as a machine that sells junk food or soft drinks for that matter, but we as a partnership company, have decided to break that kind of stereotype. This is because Japan are not surprised by the number of vending machines they have, but are surprised that other countries does not.

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