"Merantau": agents of developments of Malay heritages built environment

"Merantau": agents of developments of Malay heritages built environment. 2nd Art and Design International Conference 2016 (AnDIC 2016). pp. 1-6. (2016)


Traditional Malay is a society who is depending on and influencing by the natural surroundings. Life in the ocean and islands affect the way they live and evolve the variation of culture. They built a perahu or boat to move from one place to another by the river and the beach searching for a new life. The process is undertaken by the ancestors of Malay known as merantau which are characteristic of indigenous Malay people. The merantau process effect in the opening of the new settlement in Alam Melayu as the Malay Minangkabau who built settlement outside the mainland of darek in Minangkabau, Indonesia to Rembau in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The cultural variation is visible through the elements of its architectural design of Negeri Sembilan traditional house by compared with Minangkabau house in Indonesia. The difference is due to changes in evolution in the merantau process, environmental influences, customs, and beliefs. It proves the merantau is not just the movement process but also agents that shape the evolution through the result of Malay innovative thinking.

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