Towards sustainable green ship technology

Towards sustainable green ship technology. African Journal of Business Management, 7 (2). pp. 96-118. ISSN 1993-8233 (2013)


Man live in two worlds, the biosphere and the techno sphere world over the years, time needs, growth, speed, and knowledge and competition have created demand that necessitated man to build complex institution. Ship design is not left out in this process. Inland water, are under treat from untreated waste that can feed bacteria and algae, which in turn exhaust the oxygen. The ocean cover 70% of the globe, many think that everything that run into it is infinite, the ocean is providing the source of freshening winds and current that are far more vulnerable to polluting activities that have run off into them too many poisons, that the ocean may cease to serve more purpose if care is not taking to prevent pollution. This issue of environment becomes so sensitive in recently and most are linked to infrastructure development work. Most especially in maritime industry polluting activities from oil bilge to ballast pumping that has turned into poison has advert effect on water resources. Some have choked too much estuarine water where there is fish spawn. In a nutshell, the two worlds we live are currently out of balance and in potential conflict. Man is in the middle, and since the treat are mostly water related, ship is in the middle too. Historical records of number of calamity that has resulted to heavy lost and pollution call for environmentally sound ship. This has led to a number of regulations today that will subsequently affect policies change and procedures interaction with the system. The current situation has affected the design of new ships and modification of existing ships. This paper review and discuss green technology emanating from regulations and highlight new system design being driven by marine pollution prevention and, protection and control regulation.

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