Marine pollution at northeast of Penang Island

Marine pollution at northeast of Penang Island. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 6 (8). pp. 1348-1353. ISSN 2040-7459 (2013)


Oceans cover large area of earth surface and it is important for humans to protect from pollution. Malaysia has large marine areas which consist of islands, coastal and sea areas which are facing pollution problem due to the rapid urbanization and industrialization. This study investigated sources of marine pollution occurred at area near a reclamation project at the northeast of Penang Island. Three locations were chosen for water sampling which included Sg. Fetes, North Tanjung Tokong and Gurney Drive. Experiments were conducted to investigate the parameters namely Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), the presence of Coliform and E. coli, nitrate nitrogen, Total Phosphorus (TP) and turbidity. Visual observation during the site visit was also recorded. Laboratory results show that Gurney Drive is the most polluted location compared to other sampling points as it received flows from the existing island. The highest COD was 550 mg/L recorded at Gurney Drive followed by 290 mg/L at Sg. Fetes and 187 mg/L at North Tanjung Tokong. This study shows that the marine pollution was contributed from various sources with different impacts and resulted from the discharge from the existing mainland itself. Thus, pollution input should be controlled and mitigated for better water quality in the future.

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Keywords: Marine pollution, Wastewater, Water quality
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