Application of bioremediation process for textile wastewater treatment using pilot plant

Application of bioremediation process for textile wastewater treatment using pilot plant. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 4 (2): 26. pp. 228-234. ISSN 1823-1039 (2007)


Textile industry is considered as one of the largest generators of toxic chemical wastewater in Malaysia. Textile industries consume large volumes of water and chemicals for wet processing. Considering both volume
discharged and effluent composition, the wastewater generated by the textile industry is rated as the most
polluting among all industrial sectors . The control of this wastewater has become of increasing importance in
recent years. Tightening regulation coupled with increased enforcement is forcing textile industries to treat their waste effluent to an increasingly high standard. The aim of the project is to apply the developed wastewater bioremediation processes in a pilot integrated system for treatment of textile wastewater to achieve an effluent that meets the Malaysian emission standard and to obtain a process with small footprint, low chemical requirement, and minimal chemical sludge generation and with potential water reuse to achieve sustainable, cleaner production. The prototype treatment system consists of four major components which is the
pretreatment process, bio-treatment process, polishing process and bio-sludge treatment process. Results
showed that an average removal of 98% COD, 92% of color 98.8% of NH3-N and 89% of TSS from the wastewater was achieved by the integrated prototype treatment system.

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