The similarity of Malay architecture terminology: perahu and house

The similarity of Malay architecture terminology: perahu and house. Social and Management Research Journal, 14 (1). pp. 34-50. ISSN 1675-7017 (2017)


The "perahu" also known as boat is used by the Malay community during the Holocene period when rising of sea levels alters the Malay world and become an island and peninsula. The "perahu" becomes important not only as a navigational tool but serves as a shelter during the movement. As sailing is a part of Malay way of life, many “perahu” manifestations are often being seen in housing construction. The objectives of this paper are to outline the features of “perahu” used around Negeri Sembilan traditional house - architecture with “kajang perahu” analogy – and to raise questions on what are the similarity terminology between “perahu” and house. The questions look through literature review analysis and to identify on which elements and components are related to the house.

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