Nazirashah Enterprise: Bahulu Opah

Nazirashah Enterprise: Bahulu Opah. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


In business world, the emergent of many company will produced the variety of the products in market. Through our short survey ‘Bahulu’ is one of the potential products in market. ‘Bahulu is very popular among Malaysia peoples either they stay at village or at the town. This is because nowadays, our generations will not forget about the specialties of the ‘bahulu’ and it can maintain for a long time. If the product do not introduced to the next generation, they will not know what is ‘bahulu’ is all about in future. ‘Bahulu is very synonym with the Malay culture. This is because they make the ‘bahulu’ for their own consumption and give present to their neighbor or some of them sell it. The uniqueness of the “bahulu” is the tastes that make people want to buy it. As we know, nowadays many kinds of food are produced, but the product of ‘bahulu’ still not forgotten because many of them like to eat ‘bahulu.

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