Furniture in Negeri Sembilan traditional house kitchen

Furniture in Negeri Sembilan traditional house kitchen. International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research, 56: 4. pp. 17-21. ISSN 2010-4626 (2012)


The purpose of this paper is to reveal the furniture in the Negeri Sembilan traditional house kitchen. The furniture is essential to determine the lifestyle, environment and social activities. Studies on the origins of the Malays enable us to understand the background and social life of traditional Malays, which eventually led to their civilization. Data analysis is focused on kitchen area in Negeri Sembilan traditional houses, since it is the most active area in the house. The definition of furniture through an interview with experts plays an important role in defining furniture categories, types and usage. The significant activities in the kitchen are analyzed to define the furniture function. In conclusion, Malay furniture which exists in the kitchen of traditional Negeri Sembilan houses is categorized into three functions - body-supporting unit, storage/utility and tool. The furniture is designed into two types - loose item and built-in with house structure. The furniture was basically simple, but the design is direct to the basic needs of user and kitchen function.

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