Public awareness towards marine conservation and future sustainability in Malaysia

Public awareness towards marine conservation and future sustainability in Malaysia. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29 (8). pp. 8-13. ISSN 2207-6360 (2020)


Nowadays, the marine environment becomes polluted and contaminated mainly because of human activities which are the sources of industrial and agricultural effluence, solid waste, oil spills, inflow of chemical, and many such issues. When there are contaminants in the water, it reduces the quality of water and affects the marine life and the productivity of the marine ecosystem which caused species loss and habitat degradation being seen in our environment. Therefore, marine conservation is very important to protect and preserve the ecosystem in the oceans and seas. However, to ensure the success of marine conservation and to reduce the impact of human activities is not easy as it requires the cooperation among various parties including the public. Therefore, this study was conducted to discover the extent the Malaysian citizens’ awareness about marine conservation and the implication to the future sustainability.

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Keywords: Environmental sustainability, Conservation, Marine park, Public awarenes, Pollution
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