Exploring hipness and its influence on women entrepreneurship

Exploring hipness and its influence on women entrepreneurship. Pertanika Journal Social Science & Humanities, 28 (2): 11. pp. 901-920. ISSN 0128-7702 (2020)


The booming global demand for beauty and personal care products seems to lead to a higher number of women getting involved in fashion and vanity-related businesses. An increasingly popular phenomenon that is significant to this context is ‘hipness’, the state of being knowledgeable about the latest trend in style and fashion. For this study, hipness is defined as one’s tendency to partake a situation that seems to be popular, in trend or attractive. Although women entrepreneurship had been extensively researched in the past, the phenomenon of hipness as it relates to women entrepreneurship is yet to be explored. To fulfil this gap, this study aims to understand the role and influence of hipness in the process of venture creation among women entrepreneurs. The study first reviewed the literature on hipness and women entrepreneurship in general. It then employed the qualitative methodology and gathered data from in-depth interviews with selected women who owned a business in the related industry. In a nutshell, the study found that hipness played significant roles at every element of venture creation, namely the individual, organizational, environmental as well as the process element. This understanding contributes towards the awareness and appreciation of the significance of hipness as a construct that influences the process of venture creation among women entrepreneurs.

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Keywords: Beauty, New venture creation, Entrepreneurial process, Women entrepreneurs, Women entrepreneurship
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