Genetic characterisation of animal genetic resources for sustainable utilisation and development

Panandam, Jothi Malar Genetic characterisation of animal genetic resources for sustainable utilisation and development. Penerbit Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, pp. 1-308. (2012)


Farm animal genetic resources are not only a source of food and animal protein, but also play a multi-functional role providing other commodities and services. The vast array of breeds and species found across the world is the outcome of the effects of the environment over thousands of years and human activities. Over the last decades, however, this diversity has become threatened. Indigenous and local breeds, which are often more adapted to the local environmental conditions and management systems, require low maintenance and are less prone to diseases, have been either replaced by imported high yielding breeds or have their gene pool introgressed with genes from these breeds. The exotic breeds, which have been subjected to high intensity selective breeding, tend to have narrowed genetic base. Genetic diversity is crucial for animals to adapt to changing environmental conditions and to survive in the face of disease outbreaks. It is also the resource for improvement of livestock productivity to meet current and future demands.

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