Technology sensor net (TechNet)

Technology sensor net (TechNet). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Technology is a huge thing within sport, it varies from mobile phones, televisions, sport equipment and more, there is no doubt that the importance of technologies used has increased over the years since sports have become a globally activity. With the implementation of technology, correct decisions have been made, improve technical development and sport performance. TechNet is one of the product renovations from normal net in order to improve performance in netting sports such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball and else. The aim of this product focuses on statistical information and observation for sport performance. This product also can connect with application software in many devices such as mobile phones, computer and else. Therefore, our objective also to make customer satisfaction with our good service and quantity product. Hence, attract more customers and build a long good relationship with them. Combination of net product and sensor technology create new idea of technology in sports. Hence, this product will ease sport analyst to observe and analyse information during games without using complicated and old method. This product also has higher sensitivity to detect and classified information such as ball pass or something hit the net. In this project, we take design inspiration from the existing net product with the combination of sensor technologies which are touch sensor and motion detector. Then we start to aim to design portable, simple and easy to carry the device. Besides that, we are also always considering the technical and economic criteria such as functionality, working principle, aesthetic value and the most important is the safety of the product. In our new product development of Technology Sensor Net, the reason we design this product with simple and portable because we want to make this product more portable that can easily carry by the customer who want to use it anytime and anywhere like training or observation purpose.

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