A sport goggle “Rugby Goggle Damage Sensor”

A sport goggle “Rugby Goggle Damage Sensor”. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This report was explain how this product should be highlighted in rugby sport especially to the ruggers who had an eyes problem. This report also is to highlight the safety of the players during competition especially their eyes which it is the asset for the players. We know that not all rugby players had a perfect sight of view which maybe several of them had a short sighted problem or an injury at the eyes but they still want to play rugby as the sport is their hobby. From the research that I studied about the use goggle in sport is, we all know that many sports already use this facilities but in rugby, the product are produced and being used in Rugby World Cup 2019 at Japan. Many factors that have been take by the company of product to make sure this product are safe to use for the rugby players. As innovation that I make, I put a sensor at the goggle and damage scanner technology for the goggle which will convenience the customers about safety of their eyes. In the market, this product and combine technology are not available yet in any market which this will be the first time. But we know the goggle for football, for tennis are already in market but it has difference between rugby goggle. Firstly the pattern of the goggle are difference with rugby goggle which is rugby goggle mirror are more bigger and the mirror are build for impact resistance that can come with glasses for the short sighted players. And from this report, I will explain in details how the technology will be use and differences of this goggle with others competitors. We will make sure this product can be used by the rugby players with full of confident despite it can help on performance of the players. Even the technology are first time will be used for the goggle, it will help in a lot of aspect such safety of the athlete during training of competition.

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