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Sonic mattress. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


In the midst of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, every country in the whole wide world practices hygiene more than normal. They stay indoors, avoid going outside, often sanitize, wash hands for at least 22 seconds, wear masks if needed, all to avoid themselves from getting infected from viruses. Since almost half of people around the world are staying indoors, there are things that are useful in a household. My company has come out with a brand new, exclusive sonic mattress that could reduce bacteria by shaking them to death. The built-in technology inside the mattress is by sonication that uses ultrasound waves of frequency of 20,000 Hz to kill bacteria. Human ears can hear up to 20,000 Hz so it will be a no problem for customers to have it at their home. Your years old mattress has been kept as a nice culture medium for fungus to live. With the presence of this product, it could prevent the bacteria and fungus from spreading even more especially and useful for everyday use. Our target market consists of both male and females, especially married couples. Then, we also target hospitals and hotels all around Malaysia. These are our potential customers that could help in increasing market sales therefore increasing our chance to develop to outside countries. This product is useful for our targeted customers. For example, usually married couples have to buy a mattress as a part of their household and with a low monthly payment it is very beneficial for them. Then, it is also useful for hotels and hospitals to have Sonic Mattress as it can destroy bacteria up to 90% guaranteed performance.

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