WJKBin, the waste sorting machine

WJKBin, the waste sorting machine. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, more and more people are concern about the environmental issue but they have no idea on how to contribute to solve them. One of the most basic thing to save the environment that everyone can do is by managing their own waste but people are to busy to even take care of their own waste. So, in order to solve the problem that we are having, every household must gather and sort the waste by their own. WJKBin is a waste sorting machine and prior to its name, the main function of the machine is to sort the waste. The machine not only have unique design but also have convenient size where it can fit with mountain of waste and can be placed anywhere in or out the house. IR Sensors is the key component of this product where it functioned by detecting the type of the waste so it can sort the waste regarding the type by itself. There will be variety of color so that the machine will not look dull inside the house. We will introduce the new innovation to the public since we all can benefit from having the machine especially those who are working and have no time to manage their waste. The WJKBin has functions and advantages that will not able to be found in today’s regular trash bin , thus providing a competitive advantage over more established competitors.

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