Potential of selected Malaysian tropical fruits in Europe: strategic framework to penetrate EU market

Potential of selected Malaysian tropical fruits in Europe: strategic framework to penetrate EU market. Journal of Agribusiness Marketing, SE. pp. 1-27. ISSN 1985-3890 (2010)


The purpose of this study is to examine the potential of selected Malaysian tropical fruits in Europe and to suggest a strategic framework to penetrate European markets. An industry survey which included one hundred respondents was used to explore the market structure and tropical fruits positioning. This includes integrating previous research findings related to fruits studies in European market to develop a strategic framework to serve as a guideline for marketing of tropical fruits in European markets. Data analysis consisted of descriptive analyses. It was indicated that world import of tropical fruit was projected to reach 4,300,000 tons in 2010 and this mainly comes from developed countries, and European Union is one of the top importing nations. In terms of tropical fruit export, Malaysia has been the major exporter of fresh star fruit and dragon fruit category. In European market structure, the key channel members active in distributing tropical fruits are large scale importers/ wholesalers, importers and large scale retailers. These channel members might deal directly or indirectly with Malaysian tropical fruits exporters. From consumer market segmentation, there are three key segments: supermarket or supermarket chain, European local retailers and open market. This paper covers a previously rather unexplored fresh tropical fruits potential in European markets. It also provides a tropical fruit positioning map. This information can serve as useful guidelines for tropical fruits producers and exporters to support their decision making.

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