An Automatic Recycle Bin

An Automatic Recycle Bin. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The automatic recycle bin is a product that will be very helpful, useful and affordable product for people nowadays. This product will make our daily life become more easier and can save more time. This product also come with a few advanced technologies that are very pleasant for the customer to used. The technology used in this product are the sensor to detect the materials type, the compressor to compress the material in order to save space and also lastly is the heating rod that will help in changing the food waste into fertilizers.This is the first product that will be released and sold in market in Malaysia. This will be an added value for this product to attract more customers to buy this useful product. The other existing product nowadays do not come in with the technology to make people’s work easier.The management team for this product targeted housewives to be the customers who will buy this product when it released. The team also have done all the calculation for the market size and the market share. They also have predicted the total sales for this product. This product will be a very successful product when it released. It is undoubtful that this product will help in making our daily life easier also can helps in making our environment clearer and in a good condition.

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