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The main concept of this business is food. Food is the best product to sell because everyone loves to eat food. It provides energy, happiness and joy. In recent years there has been an increase in types of food that everyone sold either at stall or online apps. It is not strange to hear of people trying every type of food and even make a review in social media. Our business product is a food that any customer can eat easily and it also very cheap. Popiah is actually came from a Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It has a soft skin, thin paper like crepe or pancake. In Malaysia, popiah commonly has a same taste because it made from wheat flour and most people are already feel bored. However, we, LePopiahLicious.co had found a new idea in creating new taste of popiah. Our popiah has variety of filling such as bean sprouts and sardine. Most of Malaysian love to eat popiah because it is affordable and it is very delicious to eat with its own without dipped in sauce. The product that we offered is guaranteed to be a different type in compare to the usual type of popiah. It is important for our company to identify target market so that they can evaluate thus predict the number of actual and potential customers in the market that would actually use the service offered by the company since they will be the one who is going to generate the sales and contribute to our company business. From the research done, we know that there are three general strategies used for selecting the target market that are by appealing to the entire market with one marketing mix, concentrating on one segment or appealing to multiple market segments using multiple marketing mixes. LePopiahLicious.co sell popiah in cafe. To execute our business plan, we have decided to open our first branch in Seri Iskandar. Our chosen location is basically a small town with small number of population but shows huge potential to develop. Besides that, our companies are also located near UITM, an educational institution which is our primary target since most of our customer will consist of students because most of them like popiah because of the crispy taste of popiah and popiah are suitable for any high tea event or as dessert in occasion. Competitions occur when there are competitors. This is something that we cannot avoid since there will always be a new competitor joining the target market. Since our LePopiahLicious.co is still new in business, we have other companies that have already start running the same business field as ours. In Seri Iskandar, basically there is two competitors and both the company are located in Bandar Seri Iskandar. But we also have our own strength. Our company has a strong brand name because the name itself is futuristic and we also have a nice logo that can attract many teenagers to come. Other than that, we give a good service to every customer that came to our café. Next, I have a brother that study at UITM Seri Iskandar and with his help to promote the café, we have our own loyal customer that came from my brother’s friends. The profit for our business is increase when for every month. When there are holiday events in Seri Iskandar, the profit increase to 25% compare to normal day. This because the student is enjoying their holiday and go shopping outside their campus. Other than that, our profit also came from a night market close to our café. The night market is open once a week and the people that go to night market can also came to our café to try the popiah that we sell. We have a very stable management team in our company, we have a financial manager that can arrange our financial smoothly and can avoid any unnecessary loss to our company. We also have a marketing and operational manager that in charge for many things that help our company. Next, the administration manager that will lead and take care of every staff in the company so that they will feel satisfied and secured. This management is responsible to make sure that staff welfare is guaranteed.

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