Mona’s Cookies Enterprise: bakery product

Mona’s Cookies Enterprise: bakery product. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Mona’s Cookies Enterprise offers bakery product and delivery services for customer. We also take an opportunity to provide variety of cookies such as drop cookies and rolled cookies that will give high satisfaction to the customer. Some example we would offer would be something like chewy chocolate chip cookies and lace cookies. We are able to hit the range of target customers through our variety cookies, which will differ depending on the time of day. Due to the foot traffic of our three target consumer markets, we will to be able to open daily except Sunday at 10 am until 10 pm. We will bake our cookies in the onsite pastry kitchen with the baking expertise of our founding partners. All operations will follow procedures to assure that the bakery maintains the highest standards. Main operating procedures for the bakery address food development, purchasing, and customer services. We will use only the highest quality ingredients when available and when economically feasible. Purchasing will based on a strategic plan to ensure, the acquisition of fresh product as well as the limiting of the storage of food for long periods. Cost savings will be a major factor in this business. The entire team will be educated on cost saving measures, and activities that must be execute to that end. Cleanliness and maintenance of the establishment will be a top priority. The bakery will be power washed and cleaned every night, this includes of all utensils, cleaning out counter tops and all tables. Counters will be clean throughout the day when needed, but no less than 4 times a day. Garbage containers cleaned as need, but no less than 3 times a day and washroom will be clean with detergent as needed but no less than every hour.

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