Next generation of television: UHDTV services and their acceptance among Malaysians

Next generation of television: UHDTV services and their acceptance among Malaysians. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, SI: 10. pp. 90-98. ISSN 1823-4690 (2019)


The potential introduction of Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) to the Malaysian audience has been met with mixed views. The UHDTV service is arriving at a highly competitive broadcasting industry strewn with disagreement among audience-electronics companies, telecommunication carriers, terrestrial broadcasting companies and Pay-Tv companies. This study explores the state of readiness for the adoption of UHDTV by the Malaysian Television Industry and its audience through the economic model of audience’s rights perspective. The study primarily analysed the Korean UHDTV audience’s reception because they are the forerunners in the sector of TV broadcast. Next, the Malaysian TV industry is analysed as a comparatively late adopter of the technology. This empirical study conducted a market survey on the penetration of UHDTV in Malaysia and conducted interviews with technology manufacturers, electronic companies and broadcast vendors from Kuala Lumpur. The study concludes that, while some success in UHDTV penetration was achieved, the audience were not consulted on the crucial principles of universal accessibility. Apart from that, inefficient broadcasting practices were being adopted as high definition broadcasting gets underway. Finally, the study proposes strategies that would respect audiences’ rights and their ability to navigate their cultural conflicts from the inevitable technological disruptions.

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Keywords: Broadcasting, Television, Audience rights, Ultra-high definition TV (UHDTV), Participatory media culture, Digital media, Media convergence
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