Hijab and the Malay-Muslim Woman in Media

Hijab and the Malay-Muslim Woman in Media. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 155. pp. 428-433. ISSN 1877-0428 (2014)


The globalization of Islamic countries worldwide inadvertently changed the representation of Muslim woman and the hijab.
Displays of Islamic modesty in print, broadcast and social networking channels create opportunities for Muslim women to
experience empowerment and diminish oppressive stereotypes. This communal experience penetrated Malaysian media and
influenced Malays that represent a large majority of the country’s Muslims. This paper explores the role of Malay-Muslim
women in creating a renewed perception upon the hijab in the Malaysian public, pursuing a more liberated, Islamic identity
whilst offering a renewed social construction of the Malay society through the evolution of mass communication.

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Keywords: Mass Communication, Media and culture, Cultural identity, Globalization, Malay-Muslims, Gender studies, Character design
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