Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Behaviour among Undergraduate Students in Sabah, Malaysia

Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Behaviour among Undergraduate Students in Sabah, Malaysia. Journal of Economics and Business, 2 (4): 22. pp. 1064-1072. ISSN 2615-3726 (2019)


This study explores the impact of entrepreneurship education in the university on student’s entrepreneurial behaviour, in terms of their entrepreneurial attitudes and start-up intention. The paper aims to investigate the perceived influence that various entrepreneurship education courses have had on third-year undergraduate students from business and non-business study programs in University Malaysia Sabah. The questionnaires were distributed via Google Forms, which gathers students’ perspectives on their entrepreneurial attitudes (achievement, innovation, personal control and self-esteem), and start-up intention. The results of chi-squared test revealed that innovation, personal control and self-esteem are the most influential impacts of entrepreneurship education among undergraduate students. In addition, the results of One-Way ANOVA showed significant differences among types of student's degree programs in terms of their achievement, innovation, external support and start-up intention. The study also provides qualitative insights from students' perspectives about the challenges that they think could hinder students to start a business. This study hopes to contribute to the university and other institutions of higher learning in Malaysia in preparing the appropriate entrepreneurial education approach for the students towards materialising the government agenda to become ‘Entrepreneurial Nation' by 2030.

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