Work-life balance: a preliminary study on professional women quantity surveyor in Malaysia

Work-life balance: a preliminary study on professional women quantity surveyor in Malaysia. Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ), 18 (1): 5. pp. 71-89. ISSN 1985-3807 (2016)


Studies on women in construction industry have attracted minimal attention in Malaysia. The objectives of this study are to measure the satisfaction level of professional women in work-life balance; to examine the obstacles faced by women professional quantity surveyors in the Malaysian construction industry with respect to work-life balance and to identify the relationships between the two. Probability sampling was used to collect data in which 251 questionnaires were sent to registered women quantity surveyors obtained from the Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM) list, with 35 respondents returning the questionnaires. The findings revealed that women professional quantity surveyors were satisfied and achieved
work-life balance with their current career and family life. Long working hours, uneven adoption of policies, lack of formalisation and temporal adjustment to working time were among the obstacles identified from this study. Women quantity surveyors secure work-life balance through avoiding spending long hours at work. It was also interesting to note that majority of their employers do not have any written policy to support their work-life balance. This study provides new insights on the dynamics of work-life balance implementation on professional women quantity surveyors in the Malaysia construction industry.

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