Energy-efficient features for office building sustainability in Malaysia

Energy-efficient features for office building sustainability in Malaysia. Malaysian Construction Research Journal: RISM International Research Conference 2020, 9 (1): 17. pp. 196-207. ISSN 2590-4140 (2020)


Building sector in Malaysia is developing fast along with the high economic growth, therefore leads to a dramatic increase in energy consumption particularly electrical energy use in commercial and residential buildings which consumed almost half of the total electricity generated. With the rising population and increasing urbanization, an upturn in the construction of high rise building especially office building has been created. As the demand for energy will be increasing associated with the booming of office building, concerns about energy consumption and its implications for the environment shall be addressed by building sector, economic benefit such as reduced life-cycle costs and social benefit of improved occupational health and comfort have also driven the industry to prioritize energy efficiency to fulfil the principles towards achieving building sustainability. This study looks into the current energy use in Malaysian office building and the importance of energy efficiency to be promoted among building sector. This study aims to investigate how energy-efficient features related to building envelope, lighting system, HVAC system and office equipment can be incorporated at the same time creating a conducive working environment without compromising occupants’ satisfaction and well-being. Semi-structured interview was conducted to obtain an insightful picture of the industry regarding the adoption of energy efficiency in the real-world situations. This study is to be very important as it is significant for the building sector to reduce energy consumption to ensure an efficient energy use in the path of aligning with building sustainability and creating a greener built environment.

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