Quantity surveying students’ learning styles in blended learning environment

Quantity surveying students’ learning styles in blended learning environment. Malaysian Construction Research Journal: RISM International Research Conference 2020, 9 (1): 12. pp. 134-150. ISSN 2590-4140 (2020)


Adoption of blended learning is becoming important in higher education, with the aim to accomplish better course learning objectives, meeting students’ changing need and promoting effective learning. According to Graham & Dziuban (2003), blended learning environment allows student to access learning materials outside the class while attending face to face education. The incorporation of ICT is the critical factor that drives blended learning to a success. However, a blended learning environment that fits every student with different learning styles is crucial to ensure effective learning. This study analyzed bachelor’s degree level of quantity surveying students' learning styles, as well as the factors affecting students’ adoption of blended learning in relation to the types of learning styles. The students’ perspective towards current learning approach was also examined. A total of 172 survey questionnaires were collected in this study. The identification of students’ learning styles was analyzed through VARK model analysis whereas the factors affecting students’ adoption of blended learning were identified according to the mean value. The results revealed that majority of the students are kinesthetic learners where they are inclined towards hands on activities and interactive classes. It was also found that both learner’s and lecturer’s dimensions are the significant factors that affect the adoption of ICT usage in the learning process. Additionally, the results revealed that students favor more face-to-face sessions in a blended learning environment rather than online learning. Hence, educators should strive to achieve a balance between face-to-face and online learning to accommodate students with different needs.

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