Rule-based discovery technique for ingredient aware mobile application

Rule-based discovery technique for ingredient aware mobile application. Malaysian Journal of Applied Sciences (MyJAS), 2 (1). pp. 1-10. ISSN 0127-9246 (2017)


Food additives may come from natural and chemical sources. In some countries, this ingredient is coded into e-numbering system. E-Number identifies the additive substance, and it can be used to determine its possible sources hence the halal status and its value for health. However the use of scientific name or the coded number is confusing to consumers. This article presents an android-based mobile application that provides a database access to the detailed information about the additives. Information retrieval is done based on rule-based technique. The application also offers customer profiling services whereby upon user registration and sharing current health conditions, the consumer will be provided with extra information on the possible consequences of consuming the food. The system prototype system was analysed for the usability in terms of user satisfactions using System Usability Scale (SUS). The user satisfaction is rated from good to excellent according to SUS score in the range of 70%-80%. The application is expected to increase consumers’ awareness of choosing the right food that is halal and healthy.

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Keywords: Food additives, Halal food, E-Number, Rule-based technique, User satisfaction
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