Current practice of waste management system in Malaysia: Towards sustainable waste management

Current practice of waste management system in Malaysia: Towards sustainable waste management. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 6 (4). pp. 261-336. ISSN 1843-3707 (2013)


Nowadays, the increasing quantity of municipal
solid waste has causes serious environmental problem which requires a better solution in handling the wastes that generate. Construction waste is considered as part of the municipal solid waste. Construction wastes that produce in the construction process contributes a large amount to municipal solid waste. For that reason, a proper way of handling construction wastes is significance in reducing the negative impacts towards the
environment, social, and economy. Sustainable waste
management is introduced to maintain the balance between the environment, social and economic aspects through several ways such as acts implementation, and techniques in managing waste. Therefore, it is essential to identify current waste management system adopted by industry in order to make adjustment and improvement in moving towards sustainable waste management.
This paper highlights the current waste management system
implemented in Malaysia and the challenges in applying the concept of sustainability into waste management through reviewing past similar researches. This research has conducted an exploratory interview to six industry practitioners in both private and government sector in Malaysia. The results obtained show the current waste management systems applied in Malaysia and factors that hinder the concept of sustainability into waste management. It allows a major shift in Malaysia waste
management by improvise current waste management technology into more sustainable way.

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