DSS Enterprise: diamond sugar stick

DSS Enterprise: diamond sugar stick. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The Diamond Sugar Stick (DSS) Enterprise product is a company that sells goods and healthy style of sugar that is trendy. This product may driven by social trends , such as diet people or who are focusing more to no sugar or less sugar in their daily routine. This product contains controlled quantity of sugar to maintain the use of sugar. DSS Enterprise (Diamond Sugar Stick) is a private sector company that built since 2018. This company is prioritize the concept of (HALAL). This company have their own concept of the product which is, they played with the concept of healthiness of the sugar. The sugar stick is based on sugarcane sugar which is the sugarcane will process until it become a sugar. It means, this product produce the sugar from nature and do not have any preservatives. DSS Enterprise have own premise and it based in Johor Bahru, Johor. The premise is a double-storey shop lot which is, the ground floor is only for the receptionist, office room, meeting room, QC office, and store. For the second floor, have the machineries department which is the area for the processes of the product (production area), while the other room is the laboratory for product testing (test lab room). These two rooms are in separate room to make sure they are keep in their clean hygiene. Especially for the lab. Next, the manager (CEO) who built this company is a lady boss who is helped by her workers like the, QC, officer and workers. All of these positions are the workers who helped to make this company becomes successful and powerful. The workers are assigned to make sure the product will be produce in a safe, healthy and good conditions. The sugar stick’s ingredients are from sugarcane sugar which is the product doesn’t use the preservatives sugar that brings harm to the customers who loves sweet things. The sugarcane sugar supplier is based in Penang. The company orders a large amount and quantity of the sugarcane sugar that has been processed by the food technologists and nutritionists in making the good-end product. This product brings benefits that useful for those who are concern about their healthiness but still want to put a little sweets in their lifestyle. Usually, teenagers and adults will have this kind of products. Few benefits that the company have are, healthiness of the sugar, prevent from getting diabetes, used a natural ingredients only. The most important thing is, the company must take serious about the product that must have to guarantee its food safety, quality and hygiene regarding to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM). In this part, this company have the potential in the business to run over successfully.

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