Korean wave effect on Malaysian culture

Korean wave effect on Malaysian culture. e-Journal of Media & Society, 4: 3. ISSN 2682-9193 (2020)


Korean wave also known as hallyu, a Chinese term which refers to the significant increase in the global popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture in Asia and more recently in other parts of the world. Malaysia is presently influenced with Korean fever in all local industries such as fashion, foods and cosmetics. South Korea is a famous for its excessive use of plastic surgery. In Malaysia people have become more insecure with their physical feature because of the trend in putting a perfect woman or man physical feature in front resulting people. Next, in December 2017, SHINee frontman, Kim Jonghyun was found dead in his apartment for apparent near Dataran Merdeka in the capital for a candlelight vigil in memory of him. The Federal Territories mufti however warned Muslims against being obsessed to the point of abandoning principles of the religion or following “foreign cultures” when it comes to mourning of dead. The researcher used in-depth interview for collecting data. Cultivation theory is a theory that was composed originally by G. Gerbner. The findings of the research found that majority of the interviewee agree that people indeed get easily influenced by the beauty of the K-pop artist. Even though, one state that it’s not only Korean artist but artist from others country too. They all believe with beauty we can be more confident and be able to attract people’s attention.

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