Diversity of odonata species at Kangkawat, Imbak Canyon, Sabah

Diversity of odonata species at Kangkawat, Imbak Canyon, Sabah. Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation, 17. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1823-3902 (2020)


The Odonata fauna of Kangkawat Research Station in Imbak Canyon was surveyed during the Borneo Biogeographic Expedition from 28 September to 9 October 2018. A total of 56 species in 12 families were recorded – 18 species in Libellulidae, eight species in Platycnemididae, six species in Coenagrionidae, five species in Calopterygidae, four species each in Chlorocyphidae and Platystictidae, three species each in Euphaeidae and Gomphidae, two species in Synthemistidae and one species each in Devadattidae, Philosinidae and Aeshnidae. Of these, 10 species are new records for Imbak Canyon. The total number of species known from Imbak Canyon is now 83. Generally, Imbak Canyon is rich in Odonata, and it is a refuge for many uncommon species. Nevertheless, many more parts of the area still need to be explored for a more comprehensive picture of the Odonata of Imbak Canyon

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