Wise Spec Corporation: Pocket wise spec scanner

Wise Spec Corporation: Pocket wise spec scanner. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This is an effort to create an idea in order to produce a new product. For every student who takes course Technology Entrepreneurship (ENT600) must doing the New Product Development after finished the case study. The purpose of this new product development is arising the ideas to design the proposed prototype and to obtain feedback from the consumers on their acceptance of that new product before commercializing it into the market. The first part is an introduction which are consists of the background of the company, problem statement, objectives of the report and methodology. This part is stated a little about the background of the company that aims to produce a new product based on the problem statement by doing the observation, survey and data analysis. The problem is about people on diet have faced the problem when using the diet diary on mobile apps. The Wise Spec Corporation decided to produce the new product which is a Pocket Wise Spec Scanner Device for consumers to easily use it to know the food information automatically. The second part is about the new product development. Definition, classification, and the process of the new product development are stated details on this part. New product development can be defined as the process by which entrepreneur designs and creates new products or services that will be sold to customers and be classified by two which are a completely new product and improvement on existing products. There are 6 steps on new product development that consists of research and development, product design, concept testing, build the prototype, test marketing and commercialization. Based on the process of new product development before commercialization, there is a positive result on the acceptance of consumers about the design and features of Pocket Wise Spec Scanner. This device is convenient to use with the portable lightweight and small size that make consumers easy to carry it everywhere at any time. In addition, this new device does not need internet access for scanning operations since it connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. However, Pocket Wise Spec Scanner can scan the homogenous food only. The company will prepare to commercialize the Pocket Wise Spec Scanner. If this new product is widely accepted by many consumers after the commercialization, then the company will be trying to fix what is the weaknesses of this product.

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