SH Kitchen Cabinet: versatiles kitchen cabinet

SH Kitchen Cabinet: versatiles kitchen cabinet. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This report is about the new product of SH Kitchen Cabinet. These days, most single-person households or married couples without children tend to buy or rent a small spaced house such as apartment or studio house. Small spaced house usually will have a limited space for the kitchen part. This kind of households will need a kitchen cabinet that is suitable with them. The objectives of this report are to come out with a prototype of the new product before we commercialize the new product. There are two type of data, first is primary data which is used in this report by using questionnaires and second is secondary data. In new development process, we have five (5) process which are research and development, product design and features, concept testing, build prototype either in 2D or 3D and lastly is test marketing. The idea for this new product is from the previous case stud and then we do idea screening by narrowed down ideas and pick the best to bring forward. Next, design the product and its features. Then, questionnaires regarding the new product are distributed to respondents so that they can give feedback about the new product. Lastly, the prototype is showed or exposed during fare exhibition, business conference or sales waves market test in order to assess the market’s reaction. After done the test marketing, it will decide either the product can be launch or commercialize to the world. To sum up, based on the results, most of the respondents like the new product which is the versatile kitchen cabinet.

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