Schnell Corporation: smart parcel management machine

Schnell Corporation: smart parcel management machine. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


In improving and upgrading the parcel management system, one machine have been specially designed for courier services’ customers named as smart parcel management machine. Smart parcel management machine is the technology solution for the current problems that always occurs in the manual parcel management system at counter. Most importantly, smart parcel management machine is a machine that provide the automatic system for the consumers so that the customers does not need to go to the counter for manual services by employees. As one of the latest parcel management system, special features and system was provided in one machine which are automatic weighting system, automatic parcel payment system, computerized system and bubble wrap system for fragile items. In addition, this machine will decrease the time consuming for the customer’s waiting time that have to wait for the services. This machine also can synchronize the parcel payment based on the actual weight of the items and the lack of synchronization issues can be overcome. Besides that, the computerized system also make the operation run more smoothly because it do not require the customer to write the information at parcel information slip but the customer just need to key in the information and the machine will print it. Moreover, smart parcel management machine also provide the bubble wrap system that serve the bubble wrap to the customer that need for their fragile items and the customer does not need to worry the safety to deliver their fragile items to the receiver.

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