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Just print it. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The study was the theoretical part of our Sports Management (Hons) Program related technology to entrepreneurship. The main goal was to familiarize the students with the organization's practical exploitation. The report has been written to learn the factors leading to a new product or services being launched. A general introduction to the new product concept occurred during the first phase of the study. In this section this study addressed the problem statements or problems, methods, and limitations. In addition, the problem statements can be divided into three categories, which are marketing, technology, and capital. Also stated in this report in the next phase of the study was description, classification, and process of new product creation. They are two different product classifications that are updates and modifications of current products, and repositioning of the products. Furthermore, the new product development process can be classified into five processes, which include research and development, product design features, concept testing, prototype building, and finally marketing testing. Screening of ideas and generation of ideas discussed in the part of research and development. Other than that, the consumer survey can be divided into three forms that are Google Style questionnaires, telephone survey, and social media use. Finally, a few tactics were used in the test marketing to get this product embraced by the audience, such as the experience of consumers, beginning with small scale and promotions. As a result, the audience's input was very helpful in meeting customer requirements and flowing the trending moment. This study also aims to be an added benefit for the consumer. Customers or users are important figures towards a company, yet the added value will be several parts of the product. The first is the product is created to fulfil the point of view of the user in which the product will be observed and judged. For example, if it's helpful they'll increase their confidence. Even significant added value to improve their happiness as this application is generated to meet the needs of those who regularly use printer in everyday activities. Eventually, delivering a pleasant and unforgettable customer experience can result in a good business success because it will spread the word of mouth or leave some positive feedback online and then make the product well known. (VerticalResponse, 2015) Hence, 'Just Print It!' built this smart application is designed to ease those mentioned above in their everyday lives because the application Just Print It has been created and modified compared other competitors. It can help the company to earn revenue from 'Just Print It' due to the special features that will benefit users.

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