NAA Company: BinBin sorting waste machine

NAA Company: BinBin sorting waste machine. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


NAA Company product a new invention product from manual recycle bin to new automatic sorting waste machine called BinBin. The idea generated from the observation and market survey was done to identify what the problem arise in the current global situation and unsolved problem. The problem exists such as global warming, air and water pollution are one of the cause from waste we produce every day. This is due to usage of non-biodegradable that cannot be disposing due to unawareness of people nowadays. Thus, this provides opportunities for our company to produce more efficiencies product to user to ease them in practicing recycled activities. We also capable to invent new product as a result of support from government and waste management parties. Therefore, we assure that the company will be successful to gain entry and get into market penetration with the help from them since they also provide a great effort to spread awareness in preserve the environmental and suggesting to use waste sorting machine. The product is introduce to all people for purchasing especially to whom those are busy working and has limited time. The price affordable, worth and it is suitable for middle wages which is only RM200. The unique concept of this product than other competitors is it using technology and automatic waste sorting. The management team that contributed in the production of BinBin including the head of manager in all department , the Chief Executive Officer, the Statistician, Marketing Manager, Operation Engineer, Financial Manager and others employers. The product is occupied with good features, durables, high resistance and provide with great value for customer. Customer are a responsible user beside contributes a lot in protect and preserve our world. Thus, the concept of 3R which ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ can be achieved .

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