The Lugg: smart luggage

The Lugg: smart luggage. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, people always choose the products that make their life easier. Thus, our company produce The Lugg which is smart luggage. The luggage has many features. For example, it has GPS luggage tracker which is to avoid users lost their luggage. Besides, it also has removable power bank which is the user can charge their smart phone whether it is attached with the luggage or not. Other than that, the smart luggage offers Touch ID lock and code combination lock which the users can choose how they want to secure their luggage. The target market of this product is university students, workers and most importantly travellers. These three groups share the common characteristics which is they travel from one place to another. Most of them use public transport or flight to travel. Thus, the questionnaires are distributed to these groups of people. However, anyone that travels can respond to the questionnaire. There are several competitive advantages of this product. One of them is the product can save time and energy because the users can easily organize their items inside the luggage. Besides, it is also easy to use. All ages can use this luggage since it is user-friendly. Other than that, this smart luggage has higher security because it has Touch ID and code combination lock. The profitability was assumed by the company increases by 10% year by year. The price of this smart luggage is RM513 which is affordable as it follows the trend and technology. This company consists of General Manager, Operational Manager, Financial Manager, Marketing Manager and other employees. The employees have their own roles and responsibilities in order to make sure the business run smoothly.

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