A decade of mangrove rehabilitation & restoration in Sabah

A decade of mangrove rehabilitation & restoration in Sabah. In: International Conference on Heart of Borneo 2017. (2017)


Since 1997, the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) has adopted the principles of sustainable forest (natural resources) management for all forest types, extending from coastal mangroves at sea level to sub-alpine vegetation on Mt. Kinabalu at about 4,000 m above sea level, with emphasis on biodiversity conservation. Mangrove forests in Sabah occur along the northeast (e.g. Marudu Bay and Labuk Bay) and southeast (e.g. Cowie harbour and Darvel Bay) coastal area. The total area of mangrove vegetation within permanent forest reserves of Sabah is about 338,000 ha or 58% of the country's total. Despite the vast areas of mangrove forests in Sabah, they are under increasing pressure for socioeconomic development, including conversion or replacement use for aquaculture, agriculture, human settlement and urbanization.

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